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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 8, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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steve: join us tomorrow. we will have post-game reaction to the president's speech from the oval office. >> brian: and if you have some time head over to the radio 9:00 to noon. steve: or go to fox nation. >> brian: that, too. >> ainsley: and get dressed. >> bill: thank you, guys. good morning, irving. matter of hours president trump taking his case straight to the american people delivering his first oval office address as president. good morning, everybody. we have a packed three hours for you. i'm bill hemmer in new york. nice to see you. >> sandra: here we go. good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. tonight's address comes as stalemate over funding on the border wall. the commander-in-chief will speak on what he is calling a crisis at the southern border as he considers declaring a national emergency and bypassing congress all together. here's vice president pence this morning. >> well, i expect the president will do tonight is explain to the american people that we have a humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.
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he will explain the need not just to build a wall, which he is determined to do. but also to provide our border patrol with additional resources, humanitarian and medical assistance, new technology, but the democrats need to come to the table and start negotiating. >> bill: so every angle begins now. doug mckelway has democratic reaction on the headlines. hugo on deck with analysis. we begin with kevin corke from the white house there on the north lawn. kevin, good morning. >> good morning, my friend. it is fair to suggest that this is a seminole moment in the trump presidency. as you pointed out an oval office address tonight where he will take his message directly to the american people, talking about this humanitarian and national security crisis along the border. this is clearly an opportunity for him to not only express that message but, again, lay down the message to congressional lawmakers. we're going to have a wall, one way or the other. that seems to be the idea. now, the president made the announcement on twitter
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himself saying yesterday that he he was pleased to inform the nation that he would be addressing the humanitarian and security crisis on the southern border coming your way tuesday night 9:00 p.m. eastern time. obviously you can watch it here on fox news channel. it is an issue, bill, that has vexed presidents for decades. the vice president this morning said succinctly this administration and specifically this president is going to tackle the problem head on. >> the american people will hear from the president tonight that we have a crisis and we have to address it and the time has come for the democrats to come to the table and start negotiating not just to end the partial government shutdown, but to address the humanitarian and security crisis. >> i had a chance to attend an important briefing with the vice president yesterday over at the eeob and he said, in addition to the drugs and the thousands of arrests of people with previous criminal records crossing our southern
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border, in addition to to all of that, bill, this is a humanitarian crisis with tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors. also pouring across the border. something has to change and they feel like it has to happen right now, bill. >> bill: congressional leaders apparently offering a deal to avoid the shutdown. these stories are running parallel with each other, kevin. what do we have on that. >> yeah. i'm glad you mentioned that the vice president told us listen, he made a compromise offer, by way of the president in writing to senate democrats. and they simply refuse to even entertain that offer. and we're also told that it was a compromise offer which is to say it didn't involve say $5.7 billion for the president's proposed border wall. but they didn't bite. and that's what happened. let me take you back to twitter. the vice president also had a chance to share a picture of that briefing that he conducted yesterday. he said that he told the press about the crisis at the border. dems are refusing to negotiate. he said the president and our team are working to end the crisis, secure the border. open the federal government.
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it's time for the democrats' leadership to come back to the table. >> we could resolve this in a matter of hours if the democrats will come to the table and start negotiating in good faith. and the american people also deserve to know on the very first day of this partial government shutdown the president sent me to capitol hill to make a good faith offer that would have avoided the shutdown all together. now, we're three weeks in and tonight the american people -- the president will take his case directly to the american people. >> we'll see what congressional lawmakers have to say after the speech. we're looking forward to having that as part of our analysis here tonight on fox news channel. 9:00 p.m. eastern time the speech. and, of course, we expect excerpt ahead of it. as i g.e.d. them i promise to pass them along to bill. for now back to you. >> bill: kevin corke leading our coverage today from the white house. now to sandra. >> sandra: nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer are demanding equal air time for democrats to
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respond to the president's address. doug mckelway is live in washington with more on this. doug, any decision yet by the networks? >> yes, sandra, just in the past few minutes we have got some breaking news for you, nbc news said it will carry a response to the president's address tonight. informally cnn indicated earlier it too will carry a response even though it does not know who will deliver that response. it is not uncommon for at least two of the networks to come to a common decision and then the rest to join in before anything is officially announced. so in a joint statement, speaker pelosi and senate minority leader schumer tweeted earlier now that the television networks have decided to air at real donald trump's address which if his past statements are any indication will be full of malice and misinformation, democrats must immediately be given equal time. instead at real donald trump is still demanding that american taxpayers pay 5.7 billion for his wall which can't pass either chamber of congress and of course mexico is not paying for the wall.
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given the graft of the situation with the partial government shutdown well its second week and 800,000 government workers coming up to first full pay period without full compensation. that democratic response time was a forgone conclusion in most people's estimation. the president's oval office address the first of his presidency is only set for 8 minutes so there is not a huge locals of commercial air time at stake here. another reason for the shear division of the party no imminent resolution is at hand. here is democratic senator kamala harris why she thinks the president wants to speak to the nation tonight. >> the president is holding it up because of his vanity project which is this wall at taxpayers' expense and at the expense of hundreds of thousands of workers who are working every day without being paid. >> and then there is the democratic opposition to the wall itself. >> this idea that they need
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5 billion, 5.7 which they haven't sent as you plan for until yesterday we are looking at it now, is unrealistic. we want the symbol of america to stay as the statue of liberty, not a big concrete wall. >> the latest concession the white house has made is that it will not be a concrete wall because steel barrier. republicans say democrats want to oppose this president for the sake of opposition. >> in a political crisis here in washington, where miss pelosi and senator schumer simply want to beat president trump. they want to deny him what he is asking for and they want the political benefit among their base for having done so. if this were really about looking to find a solution, it's really there staring us in the face. >> lastly some analysts are calling for a several minute delay in the president's address so that his facts can be checked. fact-checking is something the networks do and have done routinely for any presidential address delayed or not. sandra, back to you.
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>> sandra: doug mckelway in washington. thank you. >> kind of our job, isn't it hugo, washington examiner. how are you doing. >> very well. >> bill: nice to see you. i don't think the setting can be overstated. oval office, first time as president. how does he make his case? >> yeah, bill. that's exactly right. is he using his first oval office address to ramp up his public diplomacy, his public messaging on this. a lot of his supporters would say that's not the first time. he was credit sides for not taking advantage of the democrats' ademocrats' absence w year to really make the case. now he appears to be really doing so. he will be able to make a pretty strong case. the democrats themselves have been talking about a humanitarian crisis on the border for the past weeks or months. they will disagree that there is a national security crisis. but, when there are a minimum of 11 or 12 million people in the country illegally, many of whom came in via the southern border, it's not difficult for the president to say this is
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something that really must be addressed and not -- and not kicked out -- the can kicked down the field. >> bill: you talk about the humanitarian crisis and talk about the drugs, too, coming across the border, too; is that right? >> yeah. think he is going to talk about drugs and criminals. he is going to talk about the fact that there are families that are arriving at the border and, you know, this is something that the federal government has to deal with. and, instead of just sort of, you know, allowing the crisis to continue and to fight, you know, the democrats have in the past voted billions and billions of dollars, tens of billions of dollars unanimously in the senate but not in the house, for what they called enhanced fencing. that's pretty much what the current administration, what president trump is willing to accept on the wall. the flatted steel fencing. so, there isn't really a dispute about what is needed here the democrats have actually accepted this in the past. what they want to do is inflict a defeat on the president on his core promise to the american people. >> bill: democrats are
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arguing let's go ahead and sign the spending bills one would keep the department of homeland security at the current level of funding until february. you would debate that over the next three or four weeks. based on what we have seen over the past 20 days or so, in all likelihood that debate would not change it would still be a stalemate a month from now. do you see it that way? >> i think that's right. really, the republican presidents have been treated like lucy treats charlie brown over the last 30 years. the democrats whip the bowl bowl -- ball away and the president falls down. 1996 amnesty for illegal immigrants and border security. the amnesty happened the security didn't. and i think that it's very likely that the president will not go along with this. he is not going to say okay, sure, we will fund the government and then we -- and we will negotiate at the same time over the wall. he is going to say no, we are going to keep this shutdown going until you agree to do, to fund
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something which you have in any case agreed to fund before. >> bill: thank you, hugo. set the table for us in washington. there will be a bit of that tonight won't there. thank you, hugo. we will have a lot more on the battle over border security in a moment. reaction from democratic senator joe manchin out of west virginia. he is here in 20 minutes at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. stand by on that. >> sandra: you can watch the president's address right here on fox news channel tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. of course, this is going to be the big moment where the president takes his message directly to the american people. >> bill: we shall be there and see whether or not there are surprises in the president's address based on the president's strategy and how they have been huddling over the weekend. meanwhile the president considering bypassing congress all together, declaring a national emergency to get funding for the wall. does vet legal authority to do that? we will talk to former u.s. assistant attorney andy mccarthy, is he on deck live coming up to answer that. >> sandra: plus, senator marco rubio sounding off after rashida tlaib stirs up
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6:16 am
>> bill: kellyanne conway with lara with a glimpse. he could declare it a national emergency. could use money in the military divert it for border security. the other side could challenge it in court. former u.s. attorney fox news contributor. how are you doing, sir? the code is 2808. that's the law that allows him to declare national emergencies. he can say it's drugs and hiewrmts crisis. you think it's a stupid law despite that. do you think he dua -- he will do that. >> the problem is, bill, our code is strewn with a lot of these laws that enable the president to do what congress should be doing which as kellyanne conway was just saying step up to the plate and legislate when there is an actual national emergency. so, you know, when congress isn't diverting and delegate gating its authority to the bureaucracies in order to have them do their job of legislating, they are delegate gating the authority to the president.
6:17 am
and the law is strewn with this. the big question is if the president declares an emergency the statutes don't seem to open the door to the courts second-guessing the president on that question. on the other hand, there always being another hand when we are talking about the law, president obama put over 300 judges on the court in his 8 years most of them are progressive activists and it seems to me especially in the area of immigration and things that touch on immigration they have been very aggressive about replacing the president's judgment with their own judgment. >> bill: there is a little bit of breakup in the signal. i hope it stands for the next three minutes. i'm very keen on your thoughts. >> okay. >> bill: you told our producers you believe these are stupid laws why do you believe that. >> i do. in modern america, we are not talking about the 1800s anymore, right? where it's hard for congress to convene. if you actually have an
6:18 am
authentic emergency, an emergency conditions in the country, there is no reason that congress can't immediately convene declare an emergency and give the president through its statutory law-making power the authorities he needs to deal with the emergency. and, instead, what you have is laws that presume that the president can just take it on himself unilaterally to declare an emergency. that's not the way this government is supposed to work. >> bill: that's why the legal system come in and suggest that the action a president takes is legal or is not. here's a way out of, this andy. you've got two major stories. have you got a government shutdown. have you got a crisis at the border as the president is going to frame it tonight. so how do you get out of it? you pass or you sign the 6 or 7 remaining spending bills of which one is department of homeland security? what is that 1.3 billion? 1.6 billion at the current levels? that's not enough to get your wall. so you declare the national emergency. you move the money from the
6:19 am
army corps of engineers of which, according to the "wall street journal," and "the washington post," there is at least $10 billion, there might be more than $20 billion in that fund. it carries over year to year. you allocate the money. you accept the court challenge, and you wait for the u.s. supreme court to make a decision. in the meantime, you reopen the government and you have staked your claim on the wall and how you will accomplish both. >> bill, i think that's right. i also think the legal challenge is going to come in about five minutes. so,. >> bill: i agree with that. >> you are quite right. he could do it all tonight and he could pull this off. my beef and i'm not a political guy, right? i'm a legal guy. but i think if the president was going to shape public opinion on this, he should have done that long ago. i think waiting until the crisis is here is not a great idea. but, at the same time, he is
6:20 am
the president. he does have the bully pulpit. and if he does a good job tonight, and i expect he will do a good job tonight, he can move public opinion which will put great pressure on the democrats to respond. and we'll give him the opportunity, i think, to do the kind of thing that you are prescribing. >> bill: we will see. >> but the court challenge is coming. the court challenge is coming immediately. >> bill: i agree with you. five minutes, maybe five seconds. that's the reason why you mentioned the daca ruling last friday. he is waiting for the supreme court to issue a ruling on what president obama declared several years ago. and if he gets the -- if obama wins on that daca bill, at the u.s. supreme court, the president feels that he has got the green light to do this. so, stand by. we will see what happens. okay? all opinions are invalid now because we don't know what's going to happen. andy mccarthy, thank you for your time. come on back, okay? >> thanks, bill. >> bill: 20 past. sandra? >> sandra: it has been one of the trump
6:21 am
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>> bill: back in fort lauderdale on sunday in full view. all right. kill it she can even be heard calling the man a rapist and saying she has a gun. jetblue denied her in because she was intoxicated. that's a sad scene right there. sometimes you just want to say get me out of here. you want to get on board that plane. >> sandra: seems like extreme case there. but it can be difficult. >> bill: challenged. >> sandra: we will leave it at that well, prescription drug costs are going up but there is plenty of momentum for change in washington. president trump is vowing to fight rising costs and several lawmakers are made lowering prices one of their top priorities. alex azar is secretary of the department of health and human services. he joins us now. mr. secretary, wonderful to have you on the program this morning for an issue that effects all americans. many families dealing with the prizing cost of drugs. it's difficult and challenging. what is the administration doing about it? >> yes.
6:26 am
so president trump has done more than any president in history to tackle the issue of drug costs. you know, he has approved historic levels of generic drugs, these are low cost alternatives to brand drugs. that saves $26 billion in the first two years of his term alone. is he ending foreign free riding off of american investment in r and d. that's 17.5 billion in savings from the first five years of that program that we'll be doing. he has freed up pharmacists to tell patients will lower cost al turner tis for their drugs and brought new negotiating programs to medicare programs. blow up the status quo here. >> sandra: as far as actual results and drug prices coming down, the president has said he expected a significant decrease in drug prices that unfortunately has not been the case. the "wall street journal" is reporting that over three dozen drug companies rose prices on their prescription drugs an average of 6.3%. this, by the way, is a piece from the "wall street
6:27 am
journal" wrote a piece entitled the drug price control threat it started out for all the nasty partisan divisiveness in washington. it's often worth worrying more when both parties agree. it actually takes on the idea that a lot of democrats are aligned with republicans and the president on this issue. but, there is a -- there is a concern about what this means for research and development as a piece points out hope for a cure for some families. looking for a cure for alzheimer's in their lifetime. so, what does this call by the president and a bipartisan call to lower drug prices do for research and development. >> the president has been really clear prices of drugs need to be coming down not going up. the price increases that just happened, these are lower than have happened in past years. and that's real savings to american people. it's fewer drugs, it's lower increases but they are still not acceptable. and what's happening is these drug companies keep increasing their list price
6:28 am
so that they can funnel more money to middle men, these pharmacy benefit managers as kick backs to keep their drug in a preferred status on the drug form larry. we have got to tackle these incentives or keep seeing increase list prices. we are making progress but the president has been clear this has to stop drug prices must start coming down not going up. we will work with democrats and republicans to make that happen. >> sandra: i just wonder if you can address some of the individual numbers that we are seeing or prices more than 250 prescription drugs went up as i noteds average 6.3%. total spending by the government consumer insurers on prescription drugs $333 billion in 2017 alone. now, you've heard a lot of plans thrown out there by members of congress. elizabeth warren is one of them. she says that the government should step in to correct certain market failures like
6:29 am
shortages or a sudden price hike. her bill directs the government to produce a generic insulin. does the president agree with elizabeth warren, for example on some of those issues? >> that proposal is a solution in search of a problem. socializing the means of production is rarely a good answer to solving any problem in the marketplace. the generic industry in the united states is a gem of our system. 2 is highly competitive. it is low cost. it delivers hundreds of billions of dollars of savings to the american people at our programs every year. sure are there occasional dislocations in manufacturing where generic companies left alone with a product enabled increase price? yes. that's why the president has been the first president ever to call for importing competing generic drugs from other countries when a generic manufacturer price gouges here in the united states. >> sandra: it's going to be fascinating to watch. really a bipartisan effort. a lot of agreement across the aisle on this issue. we will see where it goes in the new year because those prices continue to go up.
6:30 am
secretary azar thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: right about 9:30. top story today. you know. this president makes his border security pitch directly to the american people from the oval office tonight prime time. how are democrats reacting today? we'll talk to senator joe manchin on that coming up live in a moment. and right in the middle of this shutdown battle, the governor of california newly sworn in vowing, quote: a sanctuary for all in his state. we'll get a live report on what he said coming up next. >> together, let us build a house stronger than the coming storms yet, open to the world. a house that provides shelter to all who need it, and sanctuary to all who seek it. where opportunity abounds for all who will work for i it.
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6:34 am
talks between the u.s. and china. the president sent out a tweet about an hour ago saying things are going really well with china so far. so we will see how that goes. if you are watching neil cavuto yesterday on the fox business he had karl icon on. we were talking about this. karl, well known investor. he has made billions on the market and other companies across the u.s. and around the world. he just threw his hands up and said i can't tell you what's going on. two point moves one way and 2 points move the other. >> sandra: that's a fair response. confusing all over the place. >> bill: up for the moment 300 points. follow it throughout the day here. >> sandra: president trump taking his pitch for border security to the american people today with his first televised oval office address tonight. let's bring in west virginia senator joe manchin. senator, great to have you on the program this morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning, sandra. good to be with you. >> sandra: what were your expectations for the moment tonight. >> i'm anxiously awaiting for what he has to say and
6:35 am
how we can move forward and get out of this shutdown we are in. we have 800,000 great workers here ho are depending on a paycheck want to go back to work. i have 12,000 west virginians, sandra, on top of that we have a lot of kids going to go without food basic necessities of life. so the quicker we can get out of this the better we are. >> sandra: the president says it's a crisis, it's a national security issue. do you agree with the urgency that he is placing on this? >> here's the thing about you can argue until the cows come home but the bottom line is over the years congress has given away a lot of authority to the executive branch. so, if that's wrong, then they ought to take it back. but if the president declares an emergency, he has a right to do it. it will probably go to the courts and be contest you had. if that getting us out of a shutdown so be it. i want to get out of this shutdown. i voted for border security. i would be very hopeful and glad if the president would look at the 2013 immigration reform bill it does everything i believe he wants done. protects our border, secures, gets rid of the bad
6:36 am
people who came for the wrong reason. keeps them out because we secure the border. and the people that came here for the right reason but the wrong way gives them a pathway forward, a very long one and very arduous one but it gives them a pathway to be productive in our country. you know, the base has got to give him leeway here to make this work. we have to negotiate that's the art of the deal. >> sandra: i know you suggested that in the past. do you still think that's the answer. >> i definitely think that's the answer. i think basically we have a major problem that causes the border problem that we have identified and the president has identified. and that's an immigration problem. if there is not a pathway forward if there is not a legal pathway forward and people come here because it's the only chance they have right now is asylum seekers we don't have enough personnel and process. this we have kids walking 3 and 4,000 miles. it's ridiculous. we should be protecting them in their own countries through their embassies. a person seeking asylum can go there for protection.
6:37 am
they can be vetted to see if they qualify. be brought to our state, our country safely then. there is many ways that we can all do. this i would like to think the president is really sympathetic and empathetic towards this approach. >> sandra: the president wonders as you often hear him say whether or not democrats want border security. he says they don't. to that you say, what? >> well, we voted. mr. president in 2013, in the senate, i can't speak for the house. but i can speak for the senate because in 2013, 68 senators, democrats and republicans working together put a piece of major, major reform. the first of its kind so extensively. everything was based around border security. my republican friends and colleagues put that together, john hovan and bob corker. we put $42 billion plus and it was more agents. it was more technology. it bas was drones and security and fencing and secured gates. it was everything that was needed and we should be listening to the
6:38 am
professionals, the custom border patrol people who know what it takes to secure our border. >> sandra: wow, i just wonder how you think this is all going to end before i move on. >> well, this impasse has got to break. the president has written a book the art of the deal. we are to the point now where there is a deal to be made. >> sandra: and you think it's up to him? >> well, i think he has to basically show signs because mitch mcconnell has not shown any indication that he is going to move unless he gets a sign from the president. this would be something can i accept and we will go ahead and move forward. and the president has to give that signal to them for it to happen the way i understand it. tonight he will give his approach and give his, you know, reasonings for what he is doing, what he wants done. i'm sure there is going to be a democrat rebuttal, and basically where they stand. we have six bills right now before us. i have told the president we spoke before about this. mr. president, you are not not going to get another chance with a democrat controlled house right now
6:39 am
to get six bills as far as appropriation bills that fund 90% of our 2k3w0e6789 for the next year the way you have them right now. bargaining chip. basically. i'm hoping that's when we do. i want to ask you about this. this middle east security bill. because there has been a bit of controversy surrounding this involving a freshman congress rashida tlaib who i know have you weighed in on recent days over some profanity she used when call for the president's impeachment. did you want to say something on that before i bring up this latest? >> well, no. that's the -- in our civility, in our country, that type of uncivility, really, in those type of dialogue and word something not something that i'm accustomed to. it's not something that i would ever use. it's not the way i was raised in west virginia. it's not what we teach in west virginia. how you basically have a
6:40 am
dialogue, respectful way of disagreeing. that's just not what you do. >> sandra: would you like to see your party leaders speak out against that? >> everyone should speak out. everyone should speak out against that type of language being used. against any other former colleague or any person that's basically held with responsibility of leading our country. my goodness, that's just not -- should not be tolerated. >> sandra: a tweet they forgot what country they represent she wrote. this is the u.s. where boycott something a right and part of our historical fight for freedom and equality maybe a refresher on our u.s. constitution is in order. then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away. your colleague, senator marco rubio tweet add response said dual loyalty kennard is a typical anti-semitic line isn't about freedom and equality. it's about destroying #israel and if boycotting israel is constitutionally protected then boycotting companies that boycott israel is also
6:41 am
constitutionally protected. there has been a continued back and forth since then tlaib has responded to him. i just wanted to get your response as that seems to continue. >> i'm a co-sponsor with marco on the bds bill. we don't have a better ally than israel. we have never had a better ally. we don't have a better economic trading partner than israel. and, basically, anti-semitism can't be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. and i'm going to defend every way and every time i can. with that being said, people have a right and a freedom and economically if it's a bad deal, they don't want to be in business, whatever, but, basically they are doing this truly as anti-semitism and it cannot be accepted and i'm going to support the bds bill that i have supported and co-sponsored with marco. >> sandra: is there a effort by democrats to stop any vote until the government reopens. >> i respect where they're coming from. my colleagues have called me
6:42 am
and we have talked about this. comes from states awful lot of harm being done in an awful lot of anger within the constituency groups of this thing being shut down and can't we at least bring them where we can get an impasse on this and move forward. they are thinking about basically not allowing any type of other piece of legislation until we vote on on the six bills. i want to vote on the six bills. i'm not going to cut my nose off to spite my face. and not support the bds and support israel. >> sandra: got it that's where you stand on the issues this morning. senator joe manchin, great to have you on, thank you. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> bill: the tide has been rolled. the tide has turned. clemson stands up and take as bow. they blew out alabama in the national championship game. how about that interception early on. 44-16 the final. freshman quarterback kevin lawrence for 347 yards, three touchdowns in victory. here is another one well the
6:43 am
d.b. got injured. there is a beautiful shot. tigers capture second national championship in three years against alabama. >> sandra: that was a game. >> bill: i know a lot of people who picked that one. i don't know a lot of people that picked that one. i was one of them though. got to talk to jimmy over there. >> sandra: that was not with me. >> bill: jimmy, your debts are paid. >> sandra: meanwhile we have this breaking news from overseas. what is the future for u.s. troops in the middle east? john bolton and mike pompeo are there and israel ambassador danny donon will join us next. >> bill: woman granted clemency. what changed her fate? >> today is an amazing day to god be the glory. it's about latoyia today and an amazing moment what it means to so many hope, hope has come alive again. hey!
6:44 am
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♪ >> bill: there are big doings overseas as we speak. john bolton in turkey hit a bit of a snag. he met without meeting with the turkish president. there were questions from many about the future of u.s. troops in the middle east. israeli ambassador united nations is with me in studio. >> good morning, bill. >> bill: john bolton in israel over the weekend. he is in turkey as well. mike pompeo in cairo, egypt. there is a lot of movement on a lot of different levels. is the u.s. staying in its current role in the middle east? or are we leaving? what do you think? >> ambassador bolton just met with netanyahu and discussed all the issues. we care about vaugh iranians. they are not going anywhere. they are still? syria. the u.s. will decide eventually when to pull out and how to pull out. iranians are not going anywhere. they are deploying more forces into syria. >> bill: your concern, without showing a detailed map here, on behalf of
6:48 am
israel, is that iran could work more through -- let me finish with the question here. the turkish president wants to take out the kurds in syria. the kurds in syria have helped us take out isis and, in turn, kept israel safe along the way. so what is the future for that region and how are you feeling about your northern border? >> look what happened in lebanon, the iranians took over this small country and only two months ago we exposed a network or tunnel infiltrating our border in israel. they want to do the same in syria. they want to take over syria. they want to push everybody out of syria. stay there and terrorism. we cannot allow it we will not allow it we will attack any time we see a threat to israel in syria. would he see will attack the iranians. would proved it in the past. >> bill: if the president wants to take u.s. forces out of syria saying the job has been done, and he has made his case to the american people, we are not
6:49 am
going to stay forever in these countries as we have in the past, what would be your message to president trump right now? >> we work very closely with the administration. we know how to protect ourself. whenever we ask the americans to come and fight for israel. we have a strong force to protect israel. it is an american decision to decide about it by the way, when you look at the numbers, you have only 2,000 american troops today in syria. if you compare it to iranians, that's more than 80,000 people. most of them are proxies paying pack stainians, iraqis to fight in syria. about 5,000 iranian troops there it's not about the numbers. it's about being involved and our message is that with the u.s. we will not allow the iranians to take over syria. >> bill: how did you react two or three weeks ago when the president said "we're leaving?" >> we respect the decision of the president. it's not affecting our security. it's affecting. >> bill: it's not? >> it's affecting moral of all of the u.s. in the
6:50 am
region. for the u.s. it's important to be involved in the region. for us, the issue of iran is a crucial issue. that's why we bring it up in every meeting and we'll continue to push this issue. >> bill: i know you do. sir, thank you. i hope you come on back. >> thank you very much, bill. >> bill: complicated matters and the waters are deep as you know. >> thank you very much, bill. >> bill: thank you, mr. ambassador. >> sandra: meanwhile north korean leader kim jong un in beijing. could it be a precursor second summit between kim and president trump? plus an unusual visitor to a hospital in alaska. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:51 am
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♪ >> sandra: north korean leader kim jong un arriving
6:54 am
in beijing for a four-day visit with chinese president xi jinping. it could serve as an opportunity to coordinate strategy if kim and president trump do have a second summit. greg palkot is live from our london bureau. greg, what more do we know about today's meetings? >> it's a bit sketchy but we're getting some details about what could be, sandra, a very important meeting between kim jong un and chinese president xi. kim is why a whole bunch of officials left from pyongyang special armored train arrived in beijing today. south korea say kim met for one hour and group had dinner. one of the aims of the talks was and crucial to, quote: coordinate strategy between north korea and china ahead of a possible second trump-kim summit. also comes, remember, sandra after last week's new year's address by kim. he said if things don't work out north korea and the u.s. they would look for another way forward maybe china.
6:55 am
fourth summit between these two leaders just in the past 10 months. certainly by the way, there is increasing chatter about another trump-kim summit. just in the past two days we have been seeing reports about officials from the u.s. and north korea meeting in vietnam. possibly looking at that as a site for some kind of a future meeting. maybe in the next couple of months. all this comes, however, sandra, as talks between the u.s. and north korea regarding denuclearization are in a word stalled, including no top level meetings, for example, between secretary of state pompeo and north korean officials. that would be necessary for any kind of planning for any summit. on final note, sandra, today. allegedly, the 35th birthday of kim jong un. there is no word from chinese officials whether there is a cake after that dinner tonight in beijing. back to you. >> sandra: greg palkot. thank you. >> bill: president trump getting ready to take that
6:56 am
border security pitch to the american people. his oval office address as president goes down in prime time. so, what does he say? governor mike huckabee on how the president makes his case coming up live in a matter of moments. come on back, next. let's take a look at some numbers:
6:57 am
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7:00 am
issue. welcome to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: how are you doing all right? >> sandra: i'm doing well, and you. >> bill: i'm doing well my friend. border security. the president addresses the american people 9:00 prime time eastern time. you will see it here on the fox news channel as the government shutdown battle at this points to roll on. >> i think president trump is prepared to do what's necessary to address what is a real humanitarian an security crisis at our southern border. for the first time on the record, the vast majority of those are families, unaccompanied children and it simple supply overwhelming. we need the congress to come to the table and work with this president to address this crisis once and for all. >> this is not the way to govern. to pound your fist on the table and cause damage to millions of people unless i get my way. it's not what the constitution says. you know, elections have some consequences.
7:01 am
the president couldn't pass his wall when the republicans controlled the house and the senate because they knew it was a bad idea. >> i don't see how it -- i mean, the democrats have said they are not going to spend a dollar. not one dollar on a physical boundary and i don't think the president -- president trump and mulvane and republican former colleagues i don't think they are going to capitulate to use lindsey's word on pass an appropriations bill that doesn't have funding for it. >> kristin fisher leads our coverage this hour on the hill. day 18 of the shutdown. what are democrats doing to try to force the democrats' hand on this. >> good morning, bill. speaker pelosi says democrats are going to begin passing individual bills this week to try to reopen at least some of the shuttered federal agencies and they are hoping that that will put pressure on house republicans who are growing increasingly concerned about the impact that this shutdown will have. to defect that's part of the reason why the vice president mike pence is going to be coming here to capitol hill today.
7:02 am
is he going to be meeting with house republicans ahead of the president's address tonight. he has also made it very clear the vice president in several interviews this morning that president trump is seriously considering declaring a full blown national emergency and that would allow him to build a wall without congressional approval. a move that democrats are already vowing to fight. >> we would certainly oppose any attempt by the president to make himself a king and a tyrant by saying that he can appropriate money without congress. we would challenge it in every single way that we could. in congress, in the courts, and otherwise. >> and, bill, part of the reason that both republicans and democrats are growing increasingly concerned is that this is already the second longest shutdown in u.s. history and by this saturday, it will be the longest ever. bill? >> bill: so as the president gets ready to address the nation in the oval office, how are democrats getting ready to counter that message, kristin? >> as you know an oval office address is one the
7:03 am
most potent and powerful political weapons that any president can use. so, democrats are saying that if he is being given that platform to push his message, then they should be given a similar opportunity. so, last night senator schumer and speaker pelosi put out a statement that says now that the television networks have decided to air the president's address, which, if his past statements are any indication will be full of malice and misinformation, democrats must immediately be given equal air time. and, indeed, now this morning we have confirmed that all of the major networks have agreed to air the democratic response, including fox news, bill. >> bill: all right. kristin, thank you. we will be watching tonight. thank you so much on the hill there. thank you. >> sandra: thanks, kristin. for more on all of this let's bring in america's a team marc lotter former press secretary for vice president pence and rnc spokesperson david asman host of bulls and bears on the fox business network and former dnc communications director and communities contributor and good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> sandra: what a day and
7:04 am
evening this is going to be. marc, obviously, you can talk and give us different perspective on, this on what to expect. >> bill: so you were at the white house yesterday. >> i was white house. >> bill: counseling the vice president and president on the rollout. >> i was receiving their information more than counseling. >> bill: what was that conversation about. >> it was very pointed. a preview of what we are going to see tonight. the president is going to make this about a humanitarian and national security crisis. when you look -- excuse me, when you look at the fact that we have got 60,000 people a month coming across our southern border illegally and according to doctors without borders, one third or nearly 1/3 of the women who are making that journey are being sexually assaulted, how can we not see that as a humanitarian crisis? >> sandra: is he going to get anywhere with democrats? they want to issue a response, david, how does tonight change things? >> well, i think you just changed things by talking to joe manchin. here you had a democrat, granted is he joe manchin. he is probably the only democrat on that side of the political. >> sandra: an important voice. >> very important voice. he sounded if the president
7:05 am
said we have a national emergency on the border for the reasons marc outlined, we could go ahead ahead that then in order to open the borders, let the courts deal with it a little later that way we could start the process of opening the government again. and it was very interesting. if manchin can go along with something like that, i would assume that every republican including the more liberal republicans would also go along with that. >> sandra: mo? >> i'm not sure tonight is going to change very much for one main reason and that is oval office addresses, if you look at the past few administrations really haven't packed the punch that they used. to say the president's base gets fired up. the president -- and this is true obama, clinton, bush, the president's opponents base get fired up and most americans kind of tune it out. so, i'm not sure it's going to move the needle very much unless he says something dramatically new. >> you don't have to move it that much because there is
7:06 am
such close divide. i think it's 47-53 the number of americans who believe in a wall to those who don't believe in a wall. it won't take much to tip the scales in the president's favor. >> the biggest thing the president could do to tip the scales in his favor and to help the cause is to say we're not going to hold the american -- the federal employees hostage. we are going to reopen the federal government and let us begin tomorrow a real national conversation on immigration reform that is not just about a wall. but includes. >> bill: maybe you get what you are looking for. mike pompeo in cairo said this hour i saw an early version of the address tonight. he will make a lot of news. and so you were there, marc. i mean, is this theory that joe manchin and others are talking about, is it possible? declare a national emergency. you reopen the government. you take the funding that's now on the table 1.3, $1.6 billion for border security. you move the money from the army corps of engineers to the wall. you accept the court challenge and you wait for
7:07 am
the u.s. supreme court to decide it? >> i think that's something the president has said he is willing to do. he would like to negotiate. >> bill: is that what he is going to do tonight? >> i don't know what he is going to say tonight and i'm not going to get ahead of the president. i know that's something he can do. it's a question will the democrats negotiate he? wants to knowin negotiate. they over the weekend offered many of the things that the democrats outlined in the negotiations they were told much to what mo is saying first words out of the mouth of many democratic leaders staffers we are not going to negotiate unless you reopen the government. no negotiation unless there is capitulation. you can't negotiate like that. >> sandra: mo, what you hear time and time again from his base, they do not want him to cave on this issue. here is rush limbaugh on trump vs. the world. >> why does trump have to go it alone? i will tell you why trump has to go it alone. people like never trumpers like romney and the rest of this crowd, this is sitting here living 25 years in the past. 20 years in the past. they have been rendered
7:08 am
obsolete. they have been rendered irrelevant but it remains a one-man show. donald trump against the democrat party and the media. we are very fortunate the guy does not cave. we are very fortunate he is willing to put up with this. >> far be it for me to disagree with rush limbaugh. is he such a genius when it comes to analyzing political moves. however, sometimes there is a fine line between caving and compromise. three weeks ago if the president had said no, i'm going to give up the wall for a fence, that would have been a cave. now he has already suggested that there are things other than a concrete wall that could be used to maintain border security. it depends on how the debate changes. the debate has changed a little bit in that sense and i think it could continue to do so and i just want to agree with mo on one thing. i think the president beyond the border security, he has to deal with a change in immigration law. democrats failed to do it when they had everything.
7:09 am
republicans failed to do it when they had everything. it's time to get together. admit that we have a terrible immigration system now based on the stupid lottery system. let's focus and do what the canadians and australians are doing very successfully, target individuals hospital to come to america to work who have skills that we need. have a merit based immigration system. that should be part of the speech tonight. >> bill: part of the discussions over the weekend. go back to what limbaugh said donald trump against the democratic party and the media. why was there a debate among networks to take this oval office address? he has never done it before. it would be the first one. under any other president this is no debate. >> well, actually it was debate. if you remember when barack obama was president. >> bill: he was six years in. >> they should be. >> bill: midway through his second term. this should not have even been a question yesterday. >> i agree that they should cover it and i'm actually glad they're giving the democrats a response as well. one, there were some people out there saying barack
7:10 am
obama's big immigration speech was declined by the networks because they said it would be too political. there is no sign this is not going to be a political speech. but it is his first oval office address. i believe the weight of the oval office, the power of the presidency compels the media to cover him. i will say this though, he has a track record of using these opportunities, not oval office but other addresses other times he commands everyone's attention to spread misinformation. and that is a struggle a lot of networks view. >> bill: job of us and other networks to fact check. >> that's right. i agree. >> bill: i have been making the point here he doesn't explain enough of these issues to the american people with enough explanation. oval office, east room, rors garden and now we have the opportunity tonight for the first time. >> that's right. now, whether or not he actually uses it well, we'll find out. whether or not he uses it to spread more misinformation, we will find out. i'm looking forward to the media holding him accountable and the democrats will have an opportunity to respond. that's the tway should work.
7:11 am
>> joe manchin wants to hear what he has to say. it sounds like by the way joe manchin has an idea what he is going to say. there seems to be enough information about what he is going to say to intrigue a lot of democrats. i think think are as much interested in hearing what he has to say than the rest of us. >> having been in the room with him yesterday when he was giving a preview to a few of us, you know he is going to put a human face on this. he is going to talk about the challenges much to what we were saying a few minutes ago. our laws are not geared toward the problem. in 2012, 90% of the people coming across the border were single men -- single adults, i'm sorry. two thirds now are family units and children. our laws and our border and customs whole process not geared to handle it. that's why there is a crisis. that's why we need to get it done. >> bill: he will declare that tonight national crisis based on humanitarian need and amount of drugs. >> i can't tell you is he going to declare a national emergency or national crisis. i will tell you he will identify the crisis. when we talk about it from a
7:12 am
drug standpoint, ice last year intercepted enough fentanyl coming across our border to kill every man, woman, and child in the united states of america. think what didn't get through. as we talk about the opioid addiction, the heroin problem. it's coming across our southern border and the president is going to be absolutely solid. >> bill: we have to run, mo, quickly. >> the wall is not the full answer to border security there are other technologies. >> bill: it would all. >> they are not talking about that. >> bill: thank you. two big national security members overseas at this hour. john bolton getting a bit of a snub from the turkish president a short time ago. a face-to-face meeting of the two did not happen. bolton is wrapping up a two-day trip to turkey to safety of kurdish forces in syria. mike pompeo in the middle east week long visit talking to leaders of 8 countries including those in cairo, egypt. trey yingst is in jerusalem to update us on the movement of both men.
7:13 am
hey, trey. >> bill, the trump administration is making a blitz across the middle east to promote president trump's shifting foreign policy initiative. today, national security advisor john bolton meeting with turkish leadership to discuss the administration's plan to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. earlier in the week, while in israel, bolton laid out two key conditions for the u.s. withdrawal to occur. first isis must be completely destroyed. second, the turkish government must ensure the safety of u.s.-backed syrian kurds. and while bolton held talks in ankara, tucker issue president erdogan refused to meet with him. speaking to parliament turkey will not protect the kurds a group they refer to as terrorists. turkey would like to see u.s. bases in syria emptied and handed over to local elements that according to reuters. meanwhile president trump's secretary of state mike pompeo landed in a amman, jordan today where he will discuss the u.s. plan to discuss syria.
7:14 am
additionally pompeo will reportedly speak with leaders about ways the united states is looking to pressure iran amid the country's expanding regional proxy. the secretary of state heads next to cairo, egypt where he will meet with egyptian president el-sisi. while two of the president's key advisors, the secretary of state and the national security advisor are traveling in the middle east, just last week president trump said that iran can do what they want in syria further complicating the messaging of the trump administration. bill? >> bill: trey jinx watching all of that from the middle east. thank you, sir. >> sandra: u.s. and china back to the negotiating table a second round of trade talks. will the world's two top economies finally reach a deal? how the stock market is reacting to all the news today. >> bill: also, amazon is number one. we will tell you why with the money man charles payne coming up next right here. you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to
7:15 am
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> bill: second dead body found in democratic donor ed buff. the lawyer says the deseized found early on monday was a long-time friend and the death was accidental. the man's identity and cause of death have not been released. protesters have been gathering outside of buck's west hollywood home demanding he be arrested. this comes about year and a half after jamel moore a
7:19 am
male escort was found dead in buck's apartment. that death was ruled an accidental drug overdose. investigators are now apparently reviewing that as well. >> sandra: well, it is a tough day for the dow. 142 point gain there as the u.s. and china continue trade talks in beijing. a quick check of the big board there 23,665 on the dow. charles payne host of making money with charles payne. no pain today, charles. trade talks? >> bill: although it's early. >> sandra: is there some progress? >> it's cautiously optimistic. here's an interesting thing. i will tell you how tenuous it is. about 20 minutes ago the dow was up 320 points. >> sandra: yep? >> one report, i'm not sure where it came from that maybe the communique won't be as positive or as upbeat no. one is expecting a deal. i think what everyone really probably would be good for everyone particularly in the market is not a joint communique but immediate press releases from both sides. we didn't get that last
7:20 am
time. the things that president trump said were agreed to weren't corroborated. there was a lot of negative speculation which hurt the market. so both sides putting out some sort of positive communique an agreement to get together in very short order to, again, keep the urgency factor going in this. you don't want it to be like those nato meetings or g whatever meetings where you together together every six months lavish 5-star resort and meet and have great food and agree to do it again in six months for about 20 years. >> sandra: is there some chance that we have been talking about the global economic slowdown in china, u.s. has been okay for now. is there any sign that that could be changing? because the president felt like he needed to come out and defend our economy against some analysts and economists that are predicting that we may feel some pain soon. the president responded with this tweet economic numbers looking really good. can you imagine if i had long-term zero interest rates to play with like the past administration rather than the rapidly raise
7:21 am
normalized rates we have today? that would have been so easy. markets up big since 2016 election. >> there was some sign, technical market signs with bond yields a few months ago that were sort of the historically have been a harbinger of recession as year, a year and a half later. then there were the markets more recently on christmas eve that was a very ugly session. the market was open for half a day. we were off 600 points. but i equated that to the black monday session of october 19th, 1987, whichs what the worse single day session in the history of the market. it was not -- it did not anticipate a recession, which happened three years later. in fact, the dow was around 2,000 and went on over the next 13 years to go to 11,000. so, you can -- we are slowing growth -- growth isn't growing as fast. we are still growing particularly when you look on the job side and the consumer side. >> bill: bring it back home. shut down day 18 apparently word irs nobody there to do the job. is that true? >> we still need the maytag
7:22 am
repairman, right? someone to tweet the computers. get my tech out. they are going to bring enough people back off of furlough apparently to make sure that people do get their tax refund. so, a lot of people do need that you know, that's a huge day for a whole lot of working people. >> bill: i assumed a lot of that was automated. >> you have to have somebody in from to push a few buttons. >> sandra: tax refunds will go out according to theist. >> >> absolutely. >> sandra: amazon has jumped microsoft to become the most valuable u.s. company for the first time. >> yeah. and this is going to go back and forth. it's trivia but i will say this but ho how many people right now use amazon once a week or once a day and do not use the stock. that's the part that bothers me. >> sandra: you like it? buy the stock. >> people want to change their position, their financial position in life. and then they say i'm not sure what to do or how to do it and then they use amazon every single day and never
7:23 am
considered owning the stock. well now it's $1,000 a share. it's too expensive. $1,000 stocks usually go higher. $10 stocks usually go to 1. my message is, you know what? it's got the record right now. it's just getting started. if you own this stock, over the next five, 10, 20 years, it could change your life. and put a kid through college. >> sandra: you recommend go out and buy one share. >> one share, why not? if you double your money you double your money. if you kwame your money it doesn't matter. people will go out and buy a thousand shares of a 10-cent stock jp morgan or warren buffet and take on a risk. >> bill: wait a lifetime. >> sandra: sounds like a strong buy recommendation. >> 30 to 40 years old. looking to change your life or put a kid or two through college, i think -- i don't see a lot of stocks better than that one. >> sandra: interesting. >> bill: see you at 2:00 on fox business. >> a lot to talk about. >> bill: well done, my man.
7:24 am
border hitting one tennessee couple. listen to their story. >> the wall will stop some people from just coming over. but, i think there needs to be something in place that's going to. >> be a deterrent. >> be a deterrent. >> bill: the parents are now talking after police say he was killed in a car crash by a suspected illegal immigrant. the rest of their story in a moment. >> sandra: plus, california's new governor vowing to offer, quote: sanctuary for all. throughout the entire state during his inaugural address. and former arkansas governor mike huckabee will join us with his reaction to both of those stories. >> there is an administration in washington that is clearly hostile to california values. and california's interests. we will offer an alternative to the corruption and the incompetence in the white house.
7:25 am
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7:29 am
♪ >> sandra: fox news alert. california will offer, quote: sanctuary to all who seek it that promise from new democratic governor gavin newsom in his inaugural address monday. though he did avoid mentioning president trump by name. of the speech was a direct attack on the president and his immigration policies. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more on this. william? >> sandra, newsome took office as california's 40th governor promising to challenge president trump in what he called corruption and incompetence in the white house. >> there are powerful forces arrayed against us, not just politicians in washington but drug companies that gouge californians with sky high prices. but here in california, we have the power to stand up to them and we will. >> newsroo newsom is a liberal highest tax rate.
7:30 am
favors single pair healthcare universal preschool and savings account for every 5-year-old. marshall plan to public housing to end homelessness and state bank to provide low interest loans. without hours of taking office newsom signed executive order allowing the state to buy prescription drugs for all 13 million poor californians and let private businesses join that buying pool. he also reinstated the individual mandate that all californians carry health insurance. that's a direct conflict, of course, with washington which removed the individual mandate and newsom also signed an executive order expanding free or subsidized healthcare for all illegal immigrants under age 26. more progressive than former governor jerry brown newsom opposes a wall. favors sanctuary cities and yesterday called president trump hostile to california values and interests. >> we face a gulf between the rich and everyone else. and it's not just inequality of wealth. it's inequality of opportunity.
7:31 am
>> so on climate change, immigration, healthcare, education expect california to fight washington, sandra, paying for the priorities is a problem considering 1% of californians already pay 45% of the taxes. there are talks that he may impose a tax on services to pay for it. back to you. >> sandra: william la jeunesse, thank you. >> bill: want to get reaction mike huckabee is here. goorch, gov, good morning to you and thanks for coming back on our program. sanctuary to all. what do you think about that in california? >> well, he is getting some new hats made that will say mcva make california venezuela again. i just can't get over how he doesn't understand why so many people are moving away from california. the latest is if you rent a u-haul truck and you get it in california and you take it to texas it cost as little over $2,000. if you get that exact same truck and drive it from texas to california, it's less than half that because you are doing u-haul a favor taking an empty truck back
7:32 am
so some other california family can get the heck out of there. why is that? because is he more interested in providing sanctuary for illegal people who will come and murder a police officer in cold blood like officer singh than he is protecting california citizens like kate steinlely. it's seoul outrageous. i don't know what it is that even is in the water that he drinks that would make him think that's a great way to lead a state. >> sandra: i also want to get your response to the story we just shared about the story about a family lost their young son 22-year-old man to a suspected illegal immigrant. here is the father responding to that. >> we are not a hating people. we love and we rally behind people, the underdogs that come here to america and succeed legally that's what we want. i don't understand why that's so hard and this shouldn't be a political left wing, right wing. it should just be america.
7:33 am
he has been here for 14 years. and he made no attempt at all to become a legal law abiding citizen. >> sandra: devastating story in knoxville fire captain who lost his son to francisco eduardo, 44 years old. he veered into oncoming traffic smashed into his honda civic and his son was killed as a result. >> two observations, san draft one is the tragedy of the loss of this totally innocent young american. the other is the remarkable, just attitude of this family who recognized that immigration is what made america a great country but legal immigration where people came here because they wanted to be part of this country. they wanted to assimilate. they wanted to contribute, they wanted to be a part of the american dream. he recognizes that even in the midst of his own personal loss and tragedy.
7:34 am
i think that's where most americans are but most americans don't believe that you just open the doors, the walls, the throw away the key and say come on in. it doesn't matter how are, why you are here. when i hear gavin newsom talk about drug companies the biggest drug company in the world is the mexican cartels he is apparently willing to open the gates to and say come on in to california. it doesn't make sense here. >> bill: rally underdogs who come here to america to succeed. >> absolutely. yeah. and we do. there are some great people in this country who came with nothing and they have made something of themselves because of america's great opportunities. this is a wonderful country. and we celebrate that. but we won't have much to celebrate if we make it so that we become a haven for people who don't want to abide by rules, abide by the law. and contribute something to the rest of society. that defies what america is about.
7:35 am
>> sandra: meanwhile, we await the president's address on this issue. it's happening tonight. 9:00 eastern time, governor. high expectations for that ahead of that, however. here's a top democrat, jerry nadler, saying he expects the president to lie in that address. >> i expect the president to lie to the american people. why do i expect this? because he has been lying to the american people. and his spokes people continue lying to the american people. just yesterday his press secretary said in an interview with chris wallace that 4,000 people -- 4,000 terrorists had crossed the border. chris wallace pointed out that they had all been apprehended at airports, none at the border. there is no security crisis at the border. >> sandra: is it helpful to have the leader of the democratic -- a leader of the democratic party say that in advance of this? >> of course not. but, i think we have given up any hope that some of the so-called leaders of the democratic party are interested in solving some
7:36 am
real problems. and there are problems at the border and if he doesn't understand that, he should go down there and take a look firsthand. i have been there. i think you have been there. to say that there is not a problem, everything is fine, take all those barriers away from coming. let everybody come in. take the magnetometers away from the doors. why don't we do that? because we feel like we have got to protect members of congress. why don't we protect the rest of america, at least to a degree as much as we do the members of congress? what hypocrisy? what insanity. i hope the president can really speak to the hearts of the american people, not to their heads but to their hearts tonight and explain to them that this is not really his wall. it's theirs. >> bill: 10 years ago you won in iowa because of your ability to communicate. how does he communicate tonight? frame it for us? >> yeah, bill, i think the most important thing the president does tonight is to personalize what illegal immigration is doing. the stories of officer singh, this family from tennessee are great examples of why this is important. i also think that he has got
7:37 am
to make sure that he reminds people that they elected him to be their voice. it's not about his voice and what matters to him. it's about what matters to the american people. that wall does not belong to donald trump. it belongs to america. it belongs to people like that family. so that people who come here come legally. and if they do come, they do with an intent to create a better america not to destroy the one that many of us have worked hard to create. >> bill: it's going to be a very interesting setting. oval office,. >> yes, it will. >> bill: oval office prime time 9:00 eastern time. come back. >> look forward to it. >> sandra: outrage sparking in the halls of congress. day core rum, civility and first amendment. our a team will come back and join us on that next. >> my colleague, congressman hank johnson had this to say recently. >> much like hitler took
7:38 am
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>> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg second day of arguments continue to recuperate cancer surgery on left lung. she is 85. she missed arguments yesterday for the first time in her 25-year tenure on the high court that she had ever missed oral arguments. so we hope for her recovery in washington, d.c. all right. 42 minutes now past the hour. >> first amendment i fully respect that the first amendment doesn't allow to you say fire in a movie theater. there are limits and when you insight violence against someone else, that's not the way we act in this country. and so, if you want to debate the merits, then go ahead. that's what's great about this country. >> sandra: new reaction from house minority whip steve scalise amid the growing
7:43 am
debate on decorum on capitol hill. democratic congresswoman tlaib this morning. this on the heels of profanity laced remarks about impeaching president trump. our a-team is back mark law hotter, david asman and mo. where do you fall on all of this decorum debate in washington at this moment? >> i am very much opposed to the used but it's also a first amendment right. i'm more concerned about the actual policies and the things that they are actually espousing whether it's hatred toward israel and anti-israel or, you know, or it's just gone so far over the edge. it's taking our country to a dangerous place. >> david? >> do you know who talks about decorum is peggy noonan the "wall street journal" journalist it's not nothing. headline rashida tlaib said nothing wrong. yes she did.
7:44 am
she said something wrong that affects the decorum of the nation. i take the subway position new york and back home again. this morning i was taking subway 13, 14-year-old girls throwing the f bomb around like crazy. they are young ladies. and they are throwing the f bomb. the whole sense of decorum and the way we deal with each other is a very important part of what makes america great. and that makes the first amendment possible. you have to have decorum in order to have a first amendment debate. unfortunately live that process is falling apart. enough blame to go around. this woman tlaib is a role model whether she likes or not she a role model to 13 and 14-year-old girls on the subway got to behave like one. >> sandra: interesting you point out this is a woman using these words. michelle goldberg in the "new york times" wrote a piece rashid da tlaib said nothing wrong. you read through this piece she is basically making the case she is judged more harshly for her language because she is a woman.
7:45 am
she points out it's felt by many of the women who power you had the resistance. she talks about how women politicians can't win, mo. is that the case? is it about her being a woman? >> look, there are two issues. one, i do think women politicians are judged differently. ask hillary clinton. ask michele bachmann or sarah palin. i think that is true. that's a separate conversation from this in a lot of ways. i spent 20 years as a political communication guy. like marc did. i did a lot of -- i used language i shouldn't have used during that time. i vilified my opponents the way i did for far too long. now that i'm out of the game, i'm sorry, i made it my mission in my day job to talk about how to restore civility to politics because we can't keep vilifying one another. it's one of the things i dislike the most about the president and democrats are not going to be served well by trump phiing, by being
7:46 am
more like the president. >> bill: very interesting message, mo. ingot breaking news. we are learning that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer will deliver the joint response to the oval office address tonight in prime time. that's just in right now. just to pick up on that. this is hank johnson, a democrat from georgia represents dekalb county northeast of atlanta. he was speaking to the naacp the other day. this is how he characterized. he called trump hitler and then he characterized trump supporters and voters the following way. >> donald trump supporters are older, less educated, many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease or simply a broken heart caused by economic despair. >> bill: so you have that and you have a response a moment ago from the aj in atlanta i wanted to make a point democracy sunday threat. that's not what he said. he went after the people who
7:47 am
voted for donald trump of which there were 63 million? >> this is nothing new. it's sad. let's remember, president obama thought that republicans clung to their guns and their bible. hillary clinton thought they were deplorable. and this is a continuation of a theme. i think it's alienating so many people and to even most points from earlier. we have got to learn to agree or disagree but still be agreeable when we are doing it there has got to be some civility. people i disagree with politically doesn't make them bad people it just means we disagree. >> there were democrats who voted for donald trump. that democrat congressman should know that and recognize that. and if they are going to -- if any team is going to win the next election, they are not going to do it just by their own party. they are going to have to do it from crossovers. the independents in the middle and some of the democrats who vote republican and visa versa are going to need to step up to the plate, because they are going to lose based on that kind of attitude. so, it's not only -- it's not only irresponsible to
7:48 am
say the things that he said but it's hurting his own party. >> sandra: the democrat on the table further response if you will to the news we just received from nancy pelosi's office that she and chuck schumer will be delivering the response to the president's address at 9:00 p.m. tonight at the conclusion of his remarks we will hear from them. >> i think that's good and that's what we should be doing hearing both sides tonight in order to end this shutdown and so i'm glad that the speaker and the minority leader in the senate are going to offer that and i think that's good for discourse. and back to the discourse issue, right? you look at my twitter feed as soon as i come off the air and there will be a lot of stuff written there about me that is as offensive or worse. you look at the way there has been violence during some contentious issues. i remember during aca, democratic party headquarters around the
7:49 am
country being vandalized or worse. >> bill: aca is obamacare. >> obamacare debate. we saw something recently republican party headquarters around the country. >> not to mention congressman scalise. >> not to mention congressman scalise. look, we all need to chill right now. we all need to chill. this isn't just a problem with the people in washington. they are a symptom of a bigger problem right now. i'm not -- i don't think we should be insulting voters. but voters play a role in this, too. and they have got to -- they have to demand better rhetoric. and what we are see something polarization where voters are demanding their team to be even angrier. and so politicians are responding to that and so, i hope voters can start demanding from political leaders on both parties chill out. this is not what we sent threw for. >> bill: thank you mo, david and marc. see you later tonight. thank you, gentleman. who had alabama last night. >> not me. >> bill: oh my, rolling over
7:50 am
the tide. bama on the short end of a national football championship and clemson, man, did they come to play. jared max brakes down football history coming up next. after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. bike, wheels, saddle. i customize everything - that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need.
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yeah, i've had some prettyeer. prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ♪ >> bill: if you stayed up late you saw clemson rolling
7:54 am
over the tide. since 1897. jared max and the 24-7 team is here to tell us we are wrong. >> we are not going to be like dabo sweeney of clemson disseminate fake news. you had yale and penn went 15-0. 16-0. north dakota state just finished 15-0. >> bill: who picked clemson to blow out alabama? >> very few. i will bet very few people actually. 44-16 most lopsided loss ever for the great nick saban and alabama. the state was going for sixth title. >> sandra: we don't need to say that name around lsu peeps. come on. >> you should be happy. >> sandra: it was quite a game to watch though. >> what was nice is if had you to get up early this
7:55 am
morning for folks who didn't have. halftime turned it off 31-16 halftime. clemson scored the final 30 points. how about the true freshman trevor lawrence, ice water in his veins. 347 yards. three touchdowns. outlaid and clear from some of the decisions alabama made mentally, i think they saw themselves as the underdog. even though they were favored to win last night by four. >> bill: probably agree with that. >> some of those decisions the fake field goal going forward on fourth down. >> bill: in summary do you agree with the playoff series as it stands now? >> yes. >> bill: four teams? >> yes, these are the two best teams. >> bill: i agree with that. >> saturday 9:00 a.m. >> bill: rocking the orange. jared max here 24/7. got breaking news five before the hour. >> sandra: fox news alert russian attorney involved in the 2016 trump tower meeting has now been charged by prosecutors in new york with obstruction of justice in connection with civil money laundering and forfeiture action. this we have more in just a
7:56 am
7:57 am
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8:00 am
manhattan jeffrey burman saying quote fabricating evidence submitting false and declarations to federal judge in an attempt to effect the outcome of pending litigation not only undermines the integrity of the judicial process but threatens the ability of our courts and our government to ensure that justice is done. we're going to have a lot more for you on this when we get it. again, this is the russian attorney who met with the trump campaign at trump tower back in june 2016. natalia skyia you will remember that name and this was just put out as we get more information we will bring it to you unless you have anything to adhere, hemmer. >> bill: i would just add that we know some of the players in that meeting and we know this is something that bob mueller has been looking at and what comes of it we do not know and how we're to interpret this news is something at the moment is anybody's guess.
8:01 am
but we were led to believe that part of the meeting there was to debate this law about adopting children from russia. and whether or not it went beyond that something we don't know. this is a part of what bob mueller has been examining and when you think about the grand jury of last friday that was just extended for another six months it was set to expire on the 6th of january after the six month extension was granted we know we are going to get the possibility. i emphasize possibility of more indictments sometime between now and let's say june of this year. >> the u.s. attorney's office saying she submitted to the u.s. district court for the southern district of new york and intentionally misleading declaration in opposition to a government motion her clack collar ration submitted finding by the russian government. findings purportedly exonerating her client. it goes on. we are just getting this information. we will continue to bring you the breaking news on this as we get it meanwhile,
8:02 am
we have got this fox news alert for you. more breaking news at the top of the new hour. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer will deliver the democratic response to the president's first ever prime time address from the oval office tonight. that address a direct appeal to the american people about border security and why the shutdown stalemate cannot end without further funding for a wall. welcome back to "america's newsroom," top of a new hour, i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. how is the three hours treating you today. >> sandra: it's flying by. >> bill: we have this thing war on paper. and we are having a war on paper today. there is a crisis at our southern border the president is set to argue making the case for better border security. some sort of wall. some sort of fence as he weighs whether or not to declare a national emergency. senator joe manchin, the democrat from west virginia was with us about two hours ago here on "america's newsroom." >> i want to get out of this shutdown. i voted for border security. i would be very hopeful and very, very glad if the
8:03 am
president would look at the 2013 immigration reform that does everything i believe he wants done. the base has got to give him some leadway here to make this work. we have to negotiate. that's the art of the deal. >> bill: live team fox coverage begins this hour. analysis howard kurtz but first kevin corke on the north lawn. >> good morning, my friend. i can tell you i just got a text back from a senior white house official who said this will be a moment to remember tonight's tracy to the nation by the president of the united states. but, as you also pointed out just moments ago, democrats say they want equal time because the president can use the bully pulpit of the oval office. in fact, i have a statement from chuck schumer and nancy pelosi that sort of spells out why they feel like they ought to be given equal billing. and maybe they will on cable news. not sure if the networks will all go en masse. we will find out together. their statement reads thusly, now that the television networks have decided to air the
8:04 am
president's address, which, if past statements are any indication, will be full of malice and misinformation, democrats must immediately be given equal air time. we'll see how that all plays out tonight. and while they will likely get a chance to respond on cable. the vice president today gave a bit of a preview the president's speech coming up in a round robin of interviews this morning. >> the american people will hear from the president tonight that we have a crisis and we have to address it. the time has come for the democrats to come to the table and start negotiating not just to end the partial government shutdown but but to address the humanitarian and security crisis. >> now, i'm pushing white house officials to sort of give me a little background. maybe just a nudge in the direction of what the president might say tonight. but so far they are keeping details close to the vest. but, at least one administration official says you will definitely want to be sure to watch tonight.
8:05 am
>> that, of course, the secretary of state over in jordan today. he said the president will make a lot of news. now, there is a bit of levity there. but the statistics, bill, along the southern border are sobering. 60,000 unaccompanied minors arrived in our country in 2018 over the border. 17,000 plus arrests of individuals with criminal records. also happening in the southern border. and 6,000 ms-13 gang members have been removed from this country. again, many of them, most of those coming here illegally. 9:00 p.m. from the oval office, of course we have preview and analysis ahead of and after the speech. be sure to join us for that folks at home, bill, i know you will be watching. back to you from now.
8:06 am
>> bill: 1,000% we shall be there. who knows what happens between now and 9:00 p.m. >> exactly. >> bill: hey, kevin, good to have you there. sandra? >> sandra: let's bring in howard kurtz fox news media analyst. there is certainly a build-up to this big event tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern time. as far as expectations we now know chuck schumer and nancy pelosi will be giving the response to the president's address. >> and i can hardly blame them because there is going to be such saturation coverage of what the president says about this in the midst of a suretydown. i will be surprised president broadcast networks schumer and pelosi. that's not usually what happens except after a state of the union speech. i have to till, sandra, all this ma'a hammering over the networks shows you is he held to a different standard. yes it's true barack obama and george w. bush were turned down several years into their presidency. president trump's first oval
8:07 am
office address. those who say he is just going to give a political speech. every speech by a president is on some level political. >> sandra: well, and there is already some democrats, jerry nadler saying that the president -- they expect the president to stand up there and lie. and i just wonder if democrats say they are willing to come to the table if president is how that helps the situation negotiating with the president on border security. >> it doesn't help for the democrats to engage in preemptive charges of lying it does show you the polarization between the white house and capitol hill. what's equally troubling to me is the self-righteous preening by some journalists and commentators oh the broadcast networks shouldn't put president trump on at all because he will just get up there and lie. he shouldn't be on there lie. we should get on first and say all the things he said were not true and then show the tape. it's not that the president always tells the truth. for example he said that the expresidents were backing him on the border wall.
8:08 am
every living former president has said that's not true. this is the most fact-checked president in history. the way it should work is i makes oval office request. every newspaper and network can come on and say here is what was wrong and misleading and analysis. i think is unfair. >> sandra: speaking of fact-checking might as well take a look back at networks refusing prime time presidential addresses considering there was even a debate over this you go back to 1995. abc and nbc snubbed clinton's news conference. 2001, cbs and nbc snubbed president bush's address. in 2009, fox snubbed president obama's 100 days press conference. goes on. 2014, abc, cbs, nbc refused obama's speech on immigration. just to give this perspective, howie. >> it is not unprecedented for the networks to say no. the reason is it costs them
8:09 am
a lot of money. they have to give up some of their lucrative prime time programming. in each of those cases read examples untrue. many other examples where the broadcast networks did give those other presidents a shot. immigration whether you think the situation at the border is being overly hyped or manufactured by the trump administration clearly a hot button issue. and it's in the middle of the third week of a government shutdown. so, by any standard. news worthy speech the president goes national emergency route or not. you would think they would want to be part of the conversation. then they can do what journalist does they can challenge and truth squad and all of that. i think ultimately they were sort of reluck tantsly agreeing to this because they knew how much heat they would take if they just said no to president trump. >> sandra: a big buildup to that tonight. howie kurtz, thank you. catch the president's address right here on fox news channel. it will all be happening tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern time. and, of course, as we broke just a few moments ago, chuck schumer and nancy
8:10 am
pelosi, democrats, will have an opportunity then to respond directly following the presidential address. >> bill: going to be a big night. watch fox here. 10 minutes past the hour here. breaking news crossed about 15 minutes ago. the russian attorney, a woman involved in the 2016 trump tower meeting here in new york has now been charged by prosecutors in new york with obstruction of justice. apparently in an unrelated matter in connection with civil money laundering and some sort of forfeiture action. she was the lawyer who met with trump campaign officials in the tower allegedly to talk about adoption laws. adopted by american parents. bob mueller is interested in this meeting. how interested we do not know. this is crossing the wires and just wanted to pass that on to you. we have our team in washington working on it get catherine herridge up in a moment to make sense of what this means or may not mean. momentarily. 10 past the hour. >> as we await that turkey firing back at john bolton after the national security
8:11 am
advisor says the u.s. needs concessions for pulling troops from syria. so what does this mean for relations with our nato ally and for our strategy in the middle east overall. adam kinzinger of the house foreign affairs committee will join us in a bit. >> bill: also, there was a lot of fallout after controversial comments from a new democrat. a freshman from niche began what rashid da tlaib saying both sides of the aisle a bit outraged. alan dershowitz reacts to all of that coming up momently. right here. >> everyone should speak out against that kind of language being used against any other former colleague or any person that's basically held with responsibility of leading our country. my goodness, that's just not tolerated and should not be tolerated.
8:12 am
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>> bill: new reports revealing an american navy veteran held in iranian president since late july. according it the "new york times" his name michael white detained after visiting iranian girlfriend. his mother says he was scheduled to come back to the u.s. but never got on board that flight. amid escalating tensions between washington and tehran after the trump team imposed tough economic sanctions on the regime and ripped up the iran nuclear deal. ♪ >> sandra: all right, the russian attorney involved in the 2016 trump tower meeting we have just learned has been charged by prosecutors in new york with obstruction of justice. it's reported unrelated matter separate case
8:16 am
apparently in connection with civil money laundering and forfeiture action. she was the lawyer, of course, who met with trump campaign officials in trump tower allegedly to discuss an adoption law regarding russian babies adopted by american parents. obviously this making news because of that high level trump-tower meeting during the trump campaign days. let's bring in alan dershowitz as a law professor joins us now and possibly to react to this because we are all learning this now. trying to figure out what it all means. what are the implications of this? >> well, it looks like a solid indictment, but there are two real problems. number one, u.s. attorneys office almost never brings indictments based on misleading affidavits submitted in civil cases. number two, they're the victim here. the u.s. attorney is a victim here. so, for them to selectively to choose this case to prosecute raises some questions. finally, is this really an effort to try to just put the screws on her to get her
8:17 am
to testify regarding the meeting? those are the three issues. i have read the u.s. attorneys' statement and the case itself seems solid. the real question is it some kind of selective prosecution, which wouldn't make it illegal it would just raise questions that all of russ entitled to ask. >> sandra: what sort of questions? what is the overall implication for the russia investigation and the mueller probe? >> >> well, they may now have her in a position where they can squeeze her and get her to sing and testify. regarding the meeting. that puts the pressure on her. and, the other question is whether or not the u.s. attorneys' office who is the victim of the misleading affidavit in a civil case should be the ones bringing this charge or whether it should have gone to a different office to bring the charge. these are interesting questions. they don't in any way undercut the validity of the
8:18 am
indictment which seems to be based on purely solid ground. she denied she had collaboration with the russian authorities and emails seem to suggest that she did. so, the evidentiary basis of the case seems strong. the question is this the case that would have been brought had she not been a russian who attended the meeting at the trump towers? that's the really interesting question. >> sandra: so a lot of questions i guess this continues to raise. we will see where all this goes. we just learned of that moments ago. meanwhile what you originally came on to talk about here was the outrage that we are hearing over some new words by the new michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib. we saw the outrage earlier in the week from her comments about president trump calling for his impeachment. using some profane language to do it. there were calls on democratic leadership to respond to that but now she has responded to bernie sanders' tweet slamming
8:19 am
anti-bds bill introduced last week by republicans which he called absurd. she retweeted that with this comment. they forgot that country they represent. this is the u.s. where boycotting is a right and part of our historical fight for freedom and equality. she is being accused of an anti semitic slur as a part of this tweet, professor. >> well, first of all, congresswoman has no idea what she is talking about as usual. we prohibit boycotts all the time. we prohibited the boycott that was established by the nazis against jewish stores. what if there were legislation prohibiting boycotts of gay stores or black owned stores or muslim owned stores? where would she be? she would be in favor of that legislation. and nobody would have the right to ask the question whether she is guilty of dual loyalty. so her suggestion of dual loyalty on the part of people who support anti-bds
8:20 am
legislation is bigoted in the extreme. anti-bds legislation is constitutional if it effects the economic activity itself. but, if it effects advocacy, it's unconstitutional. so it really depends on the language of the statute. look, there are statutes all over the place prohibiting advertising whites only residents or straight people only. those are illegal. even though they are words because they involve discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. >> sandra: words do matter and they are being watched closely. she is a newly elected member of congress. we had democrat senator joe manchin on the program earlier. and he basically was saying we have to have a respectful dialogue in this new congress and especially in this country right now. he did not like what he was hearing coming from her. we're going to have to leave it there a lot of breaking news coming in the last few minutes.
8:21 am
final thought? >> we should condemn her. we should condemn her. we don't accept people who accuse others of dual loyalty in this country. >> sandra: alan dershowitz, thank you. >> bill: 21 past. a fox news alert now. two americans accused of fighting for isis captured by coalition forces in syria. the details we're learning from the pentagon on that story coming up next. right here. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no.
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blasio protect primary provider. it is not insurance. this coming on the heels of a similar announcement from california governor gavin newsom. proposing state funded health coverage for illegal immigrants and vowing sanctuary to all who seek it. during his nation speech yesterday. inauguration speech yesterday. >> bill: protesters demanding the arrest of a prominent democratic donor buck after a second man found dead in his home in west hollywood. this 17 months after it happened the first time. chief correspondent jonathan hunt tracking the story down in los angeles today. jonathan, good morning. >> bill, good morning. the accusation from protesters here is that while the death of one young black man from a drug overdose in the apartment of an elderly and influential white man might be an accident the death of a second black man in the same apartment owned by the same
8:26 am
influential white man is a patent and police need to take action. that is a photo of the most recent body being removed from the apartment. protesters gathered last night outside the home of democratic donor ed buck where an unnamed man was found dead in the early hours of monday morning. the same apartment where 26-year-old jamel moore died in 2017 from a meth overdose. he, by the way, was found naked on a mattress in the living room surrounded by drug paraphernalia. he had written a journal about his drug addiction and in one of his final entries had said, quote: if it didn't hurt so bad, i would kill myself but i will let ed buck do it for now. buck was present when jamel moore died in 2017 and was investigated but he was not charged in that death. he is a well-known figure in west hollywood lgbtq circles. he is also a frequent donor
8:27 am
to democratic candidates and causes. contributing more than $150,000 in recent years according to the federal elections commission. now, his attorney see more amster says buck was again in his apartment when this second death happened monday but says he was merely helping a friend. saying in a statement, quote: unfortunately the long-time friend was under the influence when he arrived. he started to exhibit bizarre behavior and symptoms requiring medical assistance. ed called 911. paramedics arrived and they were unable to recess at a time him. that explanation does not satisfy community activists. i believe we have that sound. >arrest ed buck and prosecute ed buck and a jury needs to convict ed buck. this man is a danger to our community. >> yes, he is. >> we are not even talking about the half of what he is doing. >> the sheriff's department
8:28 am
investigators are, according to a statement, bill, conducting a thorough investigation into this new death on a now doing, quote: follow-up interviews and a secondary review of the death of jamel moore in 2017. a lot more to play out with this prominent democratic donor here in l.a., bill. >> bill: it would appear. jonathan hunt, thank you. in los angeles, thanks. >> sure. >> sandra: fox news alert. we are following breaking news out of new york where prosecutors are charging in natalia, the russian lawyer at the center of the 2016 trump tower meeting with obstruction in an unrelated case. we'll have more on that. >> bill: also the tensions a bit higher with the u.s. and turkey after john bolton clashing with turkish officials. president erdogan did not meet with john bolton. how does that complicate the planned u.s. troop withdraw in syria and more coming up. >> we respect the decision of the president. it's affecting all of the
8:29 am
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i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on. >> sandra: the russian attorney involved in the 2016 tower meeting indicted indt charged by prosecutors. catherine, good morning. >> thank you, sandra, and good morning. i'm going through the paperwork from the southern district of new york and a couple things really jump at me. natalia was working for a company, a real estate firm the center of money laundering and fax frayed allegations and the finding of the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york is that she falsified evidence in the process or the progress of that court case. i'm going to read that section to you from manhattan u.s. attorney jeffrey s. burman fabricating evidence, submitting false and
8:33 am
deceptive declaration in a judge to attempt the effect the outcome of a investigation. not only undermines the judicial process but make sure justice is done. goes on to quote a special agent in charge saying she is now a wanted person in the united states for intentionally misleading u.s. investigators. but, of course, you can't hear her name and not think of the trump tower meeting. and, if i can, let me just explain how some important figures in all of this are connected to her and this company. what we found through our ongoing reporting at fox news is that previson had also hired glenn simpson of fusion gps to work on their case. glenn simpson was also the individual behind the anti-trump dossier. and what our reporting also showed is that natalia met with glenn simpson before and after the trump tower meeting she told news an interview this is all by chance or coincidence and it
8:34 am
was unrelated. so, the bottom line for folks at home is that the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york is making the charge that natalia vet veselnitskaya, part of that case she also worked along side glen sinks and fusion gps, the same firm that was behind the anti-trump dossier and during that critical week in june of 2016 she was working on the prefson case worked with him before and after the trump tower meeting which they found later to be the focus of the magnitsky act which is also related to this company and these allegations of tax fraud and money laundering. so you see it's a very small circle of individuals, all sort of culminating in that june 2016 meeting at trump tower. and now the very serious charge against natalia
8:35 am
veselnitskaya working with the russians to fabricate evidence in order to get these individuals off the hook for money laundering and tax fraud in the united states, sandra. >> sandra: keeping track of it all for us. >> it's a big one. >> sandra: it is. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> bill: fox news alert now. apparently the turkish president erdogan snubbing ambassador bolton today. he was in turkey to secure the safety of u.s. kurdish fighters but left without a meeting. turkish president said this in a statement. john bolton has made a very serious mistake. whoever thinks this way is also mistaken. we cannot make any concessions in this regard, end quote. adam kinzinger, republican from illinois member of the house public affairs. trying to make sense of this. perhaps can you for us. there is a lot 6 questions about u.s. involvement in the middle east. john bolton on a tour right now first in israel and then turkey where he left earlier today and mike pompeo is in jordan and then cairo, egypt. so he is making the rounds
8:36 am
among 8 countries also. what do we need to understand what's happening there on that level. >> i think when the president announced leaving syria, i think he did it in a way which is unfortunate. which is basically we are out tomorrow. and i think there was an understanding among the president and the administration that you have to do this the right way. it's great to extract ourselves from some of these fights eventually we need to do it. we need to do it under a condition where we can protect the people that fight with us, where we can leave a better situation than we went into. for instance a no iran in syria situation. i think what this bolton snub actually shows is erdogan's true intention, which wasn't just to take out isis. he tried to convince the president that's what he wanted to do but was actually an anti kurd agenda because all john bolton did was go there and say we will leave but we want to ensure the safety of our allies that have fought with us for so long. that's when he was snubbed. very revealing and also revealing when erdogan keeping mentioning israel's
8:37 am
policy. kinds of shows a bias there towards israel. >> bill: erdogan wants to take out the kurds in syria. kurds in syria fought on behalf of us to wipe out isis. >> that's right. it's a complicated situation. if you go back to president obama's decision to not put any forces on the ground, to basically ally with them, that created a very complicated situation undoubtedly with turkey and the kurds. but, we are where we are now. and we have had these kurds that have fought with us, that have fought isis. that have really put a lot on the line and paid a lot in terms of blood to walk away now would not just be devastating for this policy but would be devastating for foreign policy going forward. next time we have to be in a war and we need locals to help us, they are not going to be so eager apt to do it. >> bill: one of the big concerns here is what iran does. the administration has made that quite clear that they're keeping a close eye on them. the ambassador from israel was here early today danny danon and said the following about iranians working their way through syria, watch. >> only 2,000 american
8:38 am
troops today in syria. if you compare it to the iranians, they have more than 80,000 people. most of them are proxies. pack stainians, iraqis to fight in syria. you have about 5,000 iranian troops there it's not about the number. it's about being involved. >> >> bill: that's a number i have not heard before 5,000 iranian troops there in syria. that's the claim he made two hours ago. the bottom line for americans watching this is whether or not our world changes in that region. do you see that happening? is the u.s. staying or leaving? or do you think what we heard from the commander-in-chief three weeks ago was a head fake? >> i don't think it was a head fake. i think it's a realization that there is very complicated issues at play here. part of the reason having 2,000 troops in syria not just in executing the fight against isis, which is essential and our number one priority, but they also maintain a blocking position for iranian expansion including completing the so-called highway where they want to, in essence, be able to resupply the enemies of israel.
8:39 am
just having a blocking position. for instance -- stops iran from having that the president is doing a lot in terms of bleeding iran dry on the economic front, pulling out of the missile agreement and other things. but, to leave syria right now and give iran free reign would send not just the wrong message, i think it would be a boon to the morale of the iranians, it would be very dangerous for israel. and we can be able to keep this position including in negotiations. have a table in negotiations to end the syrian war. we can do that are relatively low cost and relatively low risk. >> bill: adam kinzinger, thank you. >> you bet, take care. >> bill: thank you from the hill. >> sandra: as the white house plan for the troops' withdrawal in syria. we are learning two americans have reportedly been captured fighting for isis in the eastern part of the country. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is on this live at the pentagon this morning. jennifer? >> sandra, one of the americans captured in syria is a substitute teacher from texas. he sent his resume and a cover letter to isis just
8:40 am
like any other job seeker. warren christopher clark age 34 was detained along with another american by a u.s.-backed militia made up of kurdish fighters. clark graduated from the university of houston and later taught english in saudi arabia and then went to turkey and ultimately syria. the other american pictured here was born in trinidad, not much else is known about him. in his cover letter house in iraq and obtained by gw university's program on extremism clark wrote, quote: i am looking to get a position teaching english to students in the islamic state. i was born and raised in the united states and have always loved teaching others and learning from others as well. my work background is largely in english and i consider working at the university of mosul to be a great way of continuing my career. warren christopher clarke comes from a middle class church-going family with ties to the military. he converted to islam in 2004 and his friends say became radicalized on the internet. he watched violence
8:41 am
jihaddists youtube videos and posted anti-american rhetoric on social media. the pentagon issued a statement, quote: we are aware of open source reports of reportedly american citizens currently in custody who were believed to be fighting for isis. however, we are unable to confirm this information at this time. the incident is under investigation. there are roughly 800 isis prisoners being held by the u.s.-backed kurdish forces in syria. in the past four years, roughly 64 americans traveled to iraq in syria to join isis, a much smaller figure than foreign fighters from europe. 12 returned to the united states. none of them have been arrested. >> bill: the president is getting ready for his oval office address tonight and then g.e.d. gets ready for trip to southern border. hoping to sway public opinion on the wall. president of the national border patrol council will weigh in on all of that coming up live right after this. >> what you have is laws
8:42 am
that presume that the president can just take it on himself unilaterally to declare an emergency. that's not the way this government is supposed to work.
8:43 am
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newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-800-405-6714 >> the president is speaking tonight in a prime time address. is he going to declare a national emergency? is that your expectation? >> well, i expect the president will do tonight is explain to the american people that we have a humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. the democrats need to come to the table and start negotiating. tonight the president will take that case to the american people. >> sandra: vice president pence talking border security this morning as president trump prepares to make his case for a border wall in a national address tonight that's ahead of the president's planned trip to the southern border in mccallen, texas, thursday. let's bring in art of the
8:46 am
national border patrol council. tonight is a big moment for this president. what do you hope to hear from him? >> what we have been hearing the whole time. he cares about border security. this is what people need to understand. i'm concerned about the agents that i represent not receiving a paycheck. i'm concerned about myself not receiving a paycheck but but-what it comes down to is congress needs to do the right thing. they need to fund border security. they need to show that everything that's been going on, the news on social media saying hey we care about the american public. we care about borders. show us that you care about the american public. show us by ending. this by giving us the right funding so we can secure our borders. show us that you care about the american public. that's what you have got to do. you have got to fund for the security of our future. >> sandra: we don't know whether or not the president will declare a national emergency when it comes to this issue. we don't know if he might announce that he is going to give on his side to come and meet democrats halfway.
8:47 am
what would you be happy with in order to come to a deal that pleases both sides? >> you know, i would be happy with border security. that's what we have been preaching the whole time. that's what we are asking for. we are asking for securing our nation's borders. we are asking for a good future for our -- future families, our kids. it's nothing that we are asking for out of the ordinary. these individuals that are against it, they weren't against it before. you know, you can't be caught in these semantics it's a wall, it's a wall. whether it's the wall, it's fencing, it's better barriers. you know, that's what we need. we need some type of border security. we're just 23409 having it right now. >> sandra: that is one way we have seen the president change in the wording of this barrier from a wall to other things. fencing, et cetera. what can he do in this address tonight differently to reach the american people to make his case? >> >> i think he has made his
8:48 am
case. i think the people need to do something differently is a lot of the media that want to spin things up and just use certain words that the president uses and try to focus on that and attack him. they need to start paying attention and listen to every single one of his words not just little catchphrases that they want to use later on. >> sandra: i want to show you as far as the stakes that are out there. bill mcgurn penned this piece in the "wall street journal" titled trump can't afford the lose. anything but outright victory. if he accepts the deal that doesn't give him a wall, he can blame democrats along with any republicans who abandoned him. but he still would have to lose a fight that he picked. i will finish with this fox news poll, art that shows just how important this issue is to specifically republican voters. illegal immigration tops the list of voters where they're most concerned 86% are extremely or very concerned about this issue. final thought to you, art,
8:49 am
as far as the president's words tonight, their importance, and the possible outcome we see. >> no one understands the importance about border security more than the men and women that are out there putting their lives on the line i have lived here my entire life. i have lived on the border. i have seen what's gone on. we all are concerned. congress needs to do the right thing. >> sandra: as we know the president is heading down to the border thursday to mcallen, texas, that will be a big moment as well this shutdown continues in third week. art del cueto, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: busy morning already. working toward the noon hour. here is harris and melissa, a quick preview of what is happening. >> melissa: hey, bill, we are fired up. we are going to talk more about that prime time address the president will make at 9:00 p.m. eastern. secretary pompeo visiting the middle east. he has seen an early draft of the speech and the president will, quote, make
8:50 am
lots of news. >> harris: he always does. meanwhile critics of the president and some in the media are saying the networks should fact check the president's address in realtime. what would that look like like cards at the bottom of the screen? i don't know what they have in mind. isn't fact-checking actually what we as journalist do every day? that's part of our job. we are supposed to be doing that anyway. we will delve into that. all of that plus our man in the middle. outnumbered at the top of the hour. bill. >> bill: there is a long like that. thank you, ladies. hey, you want to see the future? head to las vegas, thousands of technology companies showing off the latest gadgets and you will see some of them coming up next right here. ♪ a little less conversation ♪ a little more action ♪ all this aggravation ♪ satisfaction in me ♪ a little more t happen. because you've made sure this sensor
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8:54 am
>> bill: want to see the future, head to vegas consumers electronics show. this is where the best and newest technology will be revealed. brett larson part of our 24/7 crew is in las vegas. good morning, bret, good morning to you. take us through it. what's hot? >> everything is hot. vegas is hot right now. the big talk on the show floor this year is artificial intelligence. those virtual assistants. they are finding heir way into just about everything. i have seen alexa in a mirror. i saw alexa in a faucet for your kitchen. i even saw or heard about alexa in a toilet seat that's what you want when you sit down to go to the bathroom. there is a lot of cool stuff. missing from the show as they are every year is apple. this year they made a little bit of a surprise appearance. they have a large billboard near the entrance of the consumer electronics show that reminds us that what happens on your iphone stays on your iphone a little poking the bear there at google which has had some
8:55 am
concerns about privacy. privacy is obviously a concern as we head in here especially with all that artificial intelligence and all these smart devices that we are finding in our homes. google saying just today 100 million google smart home devices are now out there in the wild being used by people. so a lot of things are listening to us. they are learning from us. and they are doing better things from what they have learned artificial intelligence. >> bill: google has 18 square feet home. says 100 million devices running google home. that sounds like a lot. >> yes. that's a lot. that's a lot of google. and they have a huge thing out in the parking lot here. 18,000 square feet of google to explore. we also found. this this is the sohnix a robot actually help you sleep. you hug it at night and it slowly breathes. you can actually feel it breathing and if you time your breathing with the robot, it's supposed to calm you down. it kick starter campaign. they are here showing it off
8:56 am
at ces. this actually goes on sale in march. exciting to have some new products. there is also cool new stuff here at ces. never enough time to see all 2.9 million square feet. >> bill: remarkable. bring one of those home for smithy. >> i will. i will shove it in my bag. >> bill: enjoy the show. brett larson in las vegas. >> thank you. >> sandra: president trump will make his case before the american public for a southern border wall. will it break the shutdown stalemate? newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages,
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ overwhelming air fresheners can send you running... so try febreze one. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes. so you can spray and stay. febreze one. >> sandra: albright. >> bill: you're not going to bed before 9:00? >> sandra: no, sir! >> bill: something he's been income for you! [laughs] here's the deal, 9:00 prime time eastern time. fox news channel, we will have the oval office address for you. the pregame, post him, and the address. see you tomorrow.
9:00 am
>> sandra: the president will make his case. go ahead. >> bill: did you take alabama or clemson? >> sandra: [laughs] never alabama, come on, now! thank you for joining us on "america's newsroom." we will see her tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, we begin with new questions out of a big moment for the term presidency. the commander in chief is getting set to address the nation tonight from the oval office for the first time. at issue, and the alleged crisis on the southern border stalled talks in washington, d.c., and a partial government shutdown now in its third week. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor lisa boothe, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy, and in the center seat, former utah congressmen and fox news contributor jason chaffetz is here. all days are important in the news, but this one has a special twist with the president and prime time. >> jason: you all don't always


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